Samstag, 13. Juni 2009

This birthday invitation card is for my girlfriends son. He is planning to do a bicyle ride with his guests. I chose Bily from Pink Cat Studio but without Lily in the basket. I new the card had to be plain in design. And I must not use the colours pink and purple - because in the boy's opinion - these colours are girlish.
I did this card completely without any embellisment besides the plain ribbon. And definitely without gitter.
So this is the result. I made 8 of these.

I am really looking foreward whether my friend and her son like this card. I haven't presented them so far.

Yesterday I presented the cards to my girlfriend. She loved them. The comment of her son was: "Cool!" I think the was the most valuable compliment I could hear from a nealry nine year old.

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